*“Great secretary, great doctor, and great location!! Dr Bender always brings his A game! He is professional and personable and every experience has been a great one! I highly recommend!”
Maria H.

*“Come to Dr Bender and you will have an experience unlike other doctors offices you have been to. Dr. Bender is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and patient with every patient. He will sit with you and explain to you exactly what he is doing and why. He will answer any questions you have. He really cares about each patient; it’s evident. His methodology has helped to improve me drastically. If you are considering coming to see Dr. Bender, I would strongly urge you to do so. You will not be disappointed!”
Julian W.

*“​HAVE NO FEAR! DR. BENDER’S HERE! All my life, people have expressed their fear of the dreaded chiropractor twisting their body and cracking their bones in potentially dangerous ways. At Connecticut Spine & Health you receive only the most sophisticated and GENTLE treatment. The surprise is how effective it is. Dr. Bender’s technique of Atlas Orthology aligned my neck with an almost imperceptible touch. I have been troubled for three decades with crippling migraines. I would wake up in pain almost every morning. My visits to Dr. Bender have caused the headaches to disappear almost entirely! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it. Also important to note is that the staff is friendly, efficient and professional. I recommend this practice highly; I have always had an excellent experience on every visit!”
Patricia M.L.

*“If you ever need a chiropractic (an amazing one) this is the place to go!

Dr. Scott Bender is THE MAN!!!!”
Keila R.

*“Dr. Bender is very knowledgeable he truly takes his time to not only guide you on a healthier journey but to educate you on how your spine and brain health coordinate. Loved our visit. Thank you Erica, Dr Benders right hand.”
JoAnn J.

*“The only chiropractor who has helped the headaches I’ve had for too many years to count.”
Rona D.S.S.

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